1. I’ve never used Incredimail before, so I really can’t say. But, I’d suggest that you give Thunderbird a try, and discover what differences stand out to your own personal expectations. It’s easy to install and easy to remove (if need be). BTW, thanks for stopping by!

  2. James,
    I’ve downloaded TB and I’m giving it a shot. I have a quick question however. In OE you can have the ‘Receiving/Sending’ box stay up and show you the progress as it checks you different mail accounts (this occurs when clicking the Send/Receive button. Does TB have an option like this so that I can see as it moves through and checks the accounts? Thanks in advance!

  3. Hey Ian! Thanks for stopping by. The “Get Mail” button in Thunderbird (top-left corner) is similar to OE’s “Send/Receive” button. As for watching progress, the progress is displayed in the bottom-left corner.

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