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Now that WordPress v1.5 has been released, the Support Forums are booming with questions and comments. I haven’t seen a load this large in a while. Never the less, we are doing our best to meet your support needs (remember, we’re all volunteers). Before posting in the Support Forums, please give careful consideration to this guide. Also, I would like to direct your attention to the new WordPress Documentation. The new documentation is a community effort and is nearly complete. Please search for your answers in the documentation before asking in the forums. Speaking of being nearly complete, we need plugins. If you are a WordPress plugin developer, please add your plugin information to the Plugins page. If you are not a developer, and you’re just looking for some WordPress plugins, the official plugin repository is at wp-plugins.org, but at present wp-plugins.net is more helpful. It contains tons of plugins for anything you would ever need. It also features a plugin manager for your WordPress install, that will allow you to do one-click installs of plugins which saves a lot of hassle. I hope all of you get a chance to enjoy WordPress v1.5. Speaking of which, if you are upgrading from v1.2.x to v1.5, follow this guide.

4 responses

  1. Hi there, just wanna let you know that there is an issue with your index.php.

    Apparently, the menu bars are all at the bottom, after all your posts.
    You might wanna look into that.


  2. Fixed. The problem was related to my StatCounter code, so I just moved it to the footer. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

  3. I hate it when people bitch in the wp forum about the ‘lack’ of support. I think you – and many others – do a great job helping users …

  4. Thanks, Orange. I appreciate that.