Browse Happy

To all of you who still use Internet Explorer, give it the boot and browse happy. Why? Because Internet Explorer (even in Windows SP2) is just plain unsafe, targeted far too often as a gateway for system attacks, and viciously ignores certain web standards. As for my Mac friends, please stop using Internet Explorer for Mac. It was discontinued three years ago, and support officially ended last year. Just use Safari or Firefox and just browse happy.

This message was brought to you by The Web Standards Project.

One response

  1. I have been using Firefox on the Mac for over a year now and I can say it far exceeds IE or even Safari.

    Two reasons why I prefer it to Safari:
    1. Extensions – ’nuff said and
    2. Tabs – In Safari, with many tabs open in a window – accidentally hit close window instead of close tab and you lose all your tabs – in Firefox, you get a nice warning – are you sure you want to close all those nice open tabs?

    Firefox, mmmmm