Switching Anti-Spam Plugins

Well, Spam Karma let a good amount of trackback spam through today. I won’t lay the blame on the developer. The trackback filtering was experimental, and his primary focus appears to be WP v1.5b. Unfortunately, I enabled Spam Karma to block the trackback spam. Don’t get me wrong, Spam Karma did a wonderful job against comment spam, but so did WP Hashcash. So, until further notice, I have disabled Spam Karma and returned to more conventional methods of spam blocking. The only thing you need to worry about when commenting is whether or not you have javascript enabled. If you don’t have javascript enabled, your comment will not go through. However, according to my stats, 94% of you have javascript enabled. The other 6% is probably me testing WP Hashcash without javascript.

If you are looking for other anti-spam solutions for WordPress, look here.

4 responses

  1. I use a combination of Spam Karm and Moderate Trackback/Moderate Pingback (http://mtdewvirus.com/archives/2005/01/06/wordpress-plugins-trackback-and-pingback-moderation/) and not one spam has gotten through yet….

  2. Yeah, all of my trackback spam is being caught thanks to my overly aggressive blacklist. I was hoping that Spam Karma would just delete the trackback spam for me, but oh well. Back to basics.

  3. So far (knock on wood) SK has caught and deleted all of my trackback garbage.

    Although I just noticed that I’m running 1.5 to your 1.222, so maybe that is why?

    In any case, SK has caught 100% of my garbage, be it comments or trackback.

    Just my experience….

  4. Yeah, it’s a conflict with how trackbacks are handled in v1.2.x.