Grand Unveiling

The time has come for the grand unveiling of my new Gallery. As you can see, I enjoy photography, but I’m no professional. The pictures from “Alaskan Vacation 2002” are probably the best, since I was able to hang out with the ship’s photographers. Please feel free to explore the Gallery, and remember that flash-photography is strictly forbidden. This gallery has been brought you by SimpleViewer and SimpleViewerAdmin.

The Gallery is in the beta stage, so if you see any bugs or have any comments/suggestions, please let me know.

Note: I had to remove the fore-mentioned gallery due to browser compatibility issues. My new gallery is currently hosted here.

A Brief MSN Search Rant

Let me just say that MSN Search really likes me. Unfortunately, it has to be the worst search engine on earth. Sure, it’s in beta release, but way too many people are using it without realizing how poor this search engine is in its current state. For example, I’m the #5 result for a search of “recommended snes games”, the #6 result for “SNES games”, the #2 result for “Tux HeadPhones”, the #1 result for “finding good friend”, the #22 result for “latitude/longitude distance calculation”, the #2 result for “msn explore free”, and the #2 result for “outlookexpress”. So, if you want all of your searches to eventually lead to my site, please use MSN Search. If you want accurate results, please use Google.

iMovie '05 Update v5.0.1

The first update for iMovie ’05 has been released, not long after the launch of iLife ’05. v5.0.1 is 2.4MB in size, available through Software Update, and “addresses issues related to video and audio synchronization for DV projects and other minor issues.”

Stat Service Chosen

Well, after a few weeks of searching for a free stat service or WP plugin that will suite my needs, I’ve finally settled on StatCounter. StatCounter is free, very complete as far as live stats go, and offers an invisible counter. The only downfall is that the log offered in the free package only counts up to 100 visits. That is unfortunate, but also understandable as the service is free. I’ll just use my server stats to keep track of the long-term stats. It is nice to have access to live stats once again.

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Firefly: The TV Series

For those of you who don’t know, Firefly was probably the best sci-fi series to ever grace network television. If you can’t accept that, then it was at least the best western to ever grace network television. Are you interested now? Firefly is an interesting, exciting, and humorous space-drama with a western flavor. And no, I don’t mean “western” as in “North America”, I mean “western” as in “cowboys, bars, and dusty plains”. Even Orson Scott Card agrees that Firefly is “the best space-opera sci-fi series ever on television.” Unfortunately, Firefly was cancelled before completing it’s first season. Why, you ask? I can offer no reason other than typical network stupidity. Fortunately, a movie is in the works, and you can still purchase Firefly – The Complete Series on DVD. Remember, some classics will never die.

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