Favored Freeware: SNES9X Custom HQ

SNES9X Custom HQ is an unofficial build of SNES9X with the addition of the HQ2X and Scale2x blitters. HQ2X is very high quality and generally faster than SNES9X’s current implementation of Super 2xSaI. Scale2x is very fast, even on low performance computers, and looks pretty decent for the miniscule speed hit. Both of these implementations have been ripped out of Scummvm 0.6.0.

Pros: SNES9X Custom HQ offers perfect emulation of almost all SNES games. The Scale2x filter is good quality and uses hardly any CPU power (thus using hardly any battery power), which makes it the perfect choice for my PowerBook.

Cons: The HQ2X filter is still a little bit buggy, both in speed and graphics quality. I prefer to use the Super 2XSaI filter on my iMac.

If you would like to know more, read the spotlight on SNES Emulation.

Note: SNES9X Custom HQ is no longer available. Use the original Snes9x instead.