Back to the old Header Image

Wow! The email response was rather large and fast! I’m shocked that I actually have that many readers! Thank you all for renewing my faith. And why don’t you guys use the comment feature? Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your POV), with the exception of three, the votes were all in favor of the v2 header image. Most cited the color-scheme of the v2 header vs. the v3 header and the simplicity of v2 vs. the complexity of v3. The general consesus was that v2 functioned nicely as a background to the title, and added nice dash of “flavor” to the overall theme. A few also brought up a good point about the site-title for the v3 header. I am, after all, “MacManX” not “Mac Man X”, and the v3 header seemed to favor the “Mac Man X” approach. Due to viewer response, we are now back to v2. Those of you (if there are any left) who did not get a chance to see the v3 header, may view it here.

EDIT: I’ll see if I can get the full PSD file for the header image. If so, I’ll try to implement some of your suggestions and we’ll try one last time. Because I do like the v3 header, I just value your opinions.

One response

  1. Good decision, that other header with the lame grafitti was ugly. I don’t know what you were thinking putting it anywhere near your site.