Fascinating and Fun 3D Weather Globe

One thing that I walked away with from this year’s Macworld Expo, was MacKiev’s 3D Weather Globe and Atlas. I haven’t let go of it since. This really is a fun application, and your kids will love it too. This program provides a 3D view of the Earth with user-controllable transparency, very high-quality NASA maps, real-time cloud cover and weather, day/night shadow, country highlights, popular city locations, accurate latitude/longitude, distance calculation, and more, for only $39.95. It’s just pure fun, but don’t take my word for it.

2 responses

  1. pumpkingrower05 Avatar

    I have tried it in stores, but is there a demo version of it floating around (for OS 10.3)

  2. Unfortunately, there is no demo available for this application.