Favored Freeware: RBrowserLite and Chmod Calculator

RBrowserLite provides access to files on the local host as well as remote FTP Servers with an easy-to-use graphical interface. RBrowserLite provides a uniform interface to file transfer and file related operations, greatly simplifying access and use of files on remote systems scattered across the Internet.

Pros: Easy-to-use drag/drop upload and download. Dumbed-down/simple-English interface.

Cons: No support for CHMOD numerical values in the file permission settings (see CHMOD calculator).

Chmod Calculator is a utility for figuring out the premissions number to use with the unix command “chmod” by just simply checking groups permissions that you want to allow.

Pros: Simple interface for converting file permission settings into CHMOD numerical values and visa-versa. Makes a perfect companion for RBrowserLite.

Cons: None significant.