The Phantom of the Opera: The Movie

If you can handle musicals and haven’t seen The Phantom of the Opera (the movie) yet, then I highly suggest that you do. The only reason for its low ratings on IMDB is because most fans of the original Broadway production don’t feel that the actors are faithful to the original cast. When, in fact, they are. Gerard Butler’s performance as the Phantom was very faithful to Michael Crawford’s original performance. Remember, the Phantom was not an operatic vocalist, he was an emotional wreck. And, Gerard Butler excelled at bringing out the Phantom’s emotion. Also, consider the fact that Andrew Lloyd Webber (the creator of the original Phantom of the Opera musical) was involved in producing the film, casting the actors, and was on set every day. Nothing transpired that he didn’t approve of. In fact, he has been quoted saying that this film is the way he wanted to present the story, because there were so many limitations presented by the stage. This film is his “definitive vision”. The Phantom of the Opera truly is a work of art, and not one to be taken lightly just for a few childish disagreements. If you haven’t had time to see this film, make time. It’s worth it.

One response

  1. Amen! I’ve always loved this musical, and the movie just made the story that much more intriguing and gripping! The performances were passionately powerful! I tend to allow the aforementioned, subtle differences (between movie and original stage production) under the banners of: evolving singing styles of the 21st century, unexplored aspects of the storyline and inner characters, and Webber’s personal creativity. =)