Apple Releases New PowerBooks

Apple has released new PowerBook models. While these are not the rumored G5 PowerBooks, these new models do contain 1.5GHz and 1.67GHz G4 processors. These new models also include Bluetooth 2.0, a new trackpad with scrolling capabilities, Apple’s new Sudden Motion Sensor, AirPort Extreme built into every model, and an 8x SuperDrive built into some models and optional on others. The new PowerBooks start at $1499 (retail) and $1399 (educational).

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PUM: Create a Website for Free

This week, I’d like to continue with the “theme” established by Brian in last week’s Freeloader Friday and “farm-out” to a few different sources in order to show you some quick tips to get your first website off of the ground. Join me for this week’s Power User Monday.

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A Complete Library

Ok, so I’m a little bit early for my February update, but I just wanted to get this done. My Personal Library has finally been completed (until I buy something else)! If you want to trade or purchase, contact me via email and we’ll work something out. Current Library stats:

Books: 300 (complete)
Movies: 124 (complete)
Music: 64 + 281 iTMS purchases (complete)
Games: 7 (complete)

Note: The fore-mentioned library was getting far too large, so it is no longer available, but it was fun while it lasted.
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Favored Freeware: Solscape

Solscape is a “Solar Data Browser” application that grabs real time, up to the minute images of the Sun in multiple light wavelengths. Solscape also monitors current Solar flare activity, Earth view satellite images, Solar geomagnetic activity, and Aurora activity. Solscape gets all of its information via the Internet and compiles it in a single, easy to use application. You can save and archive the data that Solscape collects for later use, and you can tell Solscape to automatically grab the data when you want.

Pros: Solscape is a fun and complete reference for all of your weather-watching, sun-staring, and aurora-gazing needs.

Cons: None significant.

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