Month: December 2004

  • ThunderBird v1.0 and Camino v0.8.2 Released

    ThunderBird has been updated to v1.0. This update includes a number of enhancements and finalizations. Camino has been updated to v0.8.2. This update is primarily a bug fixer. And, if you haven’t upgraded to FireFox v1.0 yet, do so now.

  • 40 Things You'd Love To Say Out Loud

    Today, I checked my email to find the best present ever. A list of “40 Things You’d Love To Say Out Loud” is what I’ve always wanted! “Sarcasm is just one more service we offer.”

  • Favored Freeware: MacMAME

    MacMAME is part of the MAME project, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history of arcade videogames via emulation. MacMAME achieves this by running the original program code found in the arcade games. As such, it is much more than a reproduction, it is essentially that same game running via an emulated layer inside…

  • iTMS Canada

    The Canadian iTunes Music Store is now open. It’s only one day behind schedule. I’ll go with everyone else and blame the delay on Canada.

  • Apple's Maple Leaf Rag

    Apple has announced that the November release of the Canadian iTunes Music Store has been officially delayed. According to Apple, “We said that we would launch the iTunes Music Store in Canada by the end of November, but we’re going to miss this deadline by a bit. You’ll hear from us very soon.”