Ring In The New Year

Soon, the New Year will be upon us. Yes, it is a time for celebrating what good has come and what good will come, bit it is also time to celebrate The Lord of the Rings. Yes, it appears that the trilogy has finally come to an end this month, with the released of The Return of the King: Special Extended Edition, but you can still relive the adventure by reading The Lord of the Rings (the 50th Anniversary Edition). This striking edition comes stylishly bound into one novel, as it was meant to be read, and has been corrected under the supervision of the author’s son. If both of those are too much for you, then “ring” in the New Year with your very own copy of The One Ring. This well-crafted tutorial comes straight from the astonishing Rick Yaeger of MacMerc, and promises to be a staple in pop-culture history. Either way you go, enjoy your New Year.

Tsunami Disaster Relief Efforts

Donations are being requested by the Red Cross and other organizations to support relief efforts following the devastating earthquake and tsunamis in South East Asia. The impact of this disaster is immense. Please, if you can, support these efforts. Every penny counts.

American Red Cross
British Red Cross
Canadian Red Cross
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Cresent Societies

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Optimize Your DeliciousExport

DeliciousExporter makes a marvelous addition to Delicious Library. But, at v0.1.1, it’s fatally flawed. Why? Because it exports the original images from Delicious Library and uses CSS to resize them in your browser. Imagine my surprise when my exported library turned out to be 13.8mb. As a 56k user, 7mb (30 minutes) per page was certainly not tolerable, and I spent a good amount of hours finding solutions to this. After several failed attempts, I finally lowered my library’s overall size to only 2.6mb. How did I accomplish this? Keep reading to find out.

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