Month: November 2004

  • Repost: A Completely Secure System

    If you’re in need of having a completely secure OS X system, or you’re installing a new Mac in an environment that needs an impenetrable computer, then look now further than the NSA’s very own (unclassified) Apple Mac OS X v10.3.x “Panther” Security Configuration Guide. This guide is more than enough for setting up a…

  • Sarah’s GarageBand Creation

    Following my attempt at creating a GarageBand creation, Sarah (my better half) has finished hers. Vortex Warped is a four minute piece composed of several audio loops in a complicated and creative way.

  • My First GarageBand Creation: Folk Fire

    I stayed up late last night just because I wanted to try out GarageBand. Little did I know that I’d be sucked into its endless void of just pure fun. Working with GarageBand is being like a kid again. All you have to do is combine several loops of sound and attempt to create a…

  • Favored Freeware: GPGTools

    GPGTools is a Mac OS X graphical interface to the GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) utility. It provides approximately the functionality of the old PGPtools, and is freeware. Pros: It’s an easy to use GUI for MacGPG. Cons: None significant.

  • uDevGames Heats Up

    The competition is beginning to heat up as uDevGames 2004 comes to a close. The final games are in and available for download. Don’t forget to vote in order to assure victory for your favorite entry.