My First GarageBand Creation: Folk Fire

I stayed up late last night just because I wanted to try out GarageBand. Little did I know that I’d be sucked into its endless void of just pure fun. Working with GarageBand is being like a kid again. All you have to do is combine several loops of sound and attempt to create a song. Of course, you can also plug in any instrument to add parts to your creation. After just about an hour of work, I finally came out with something that I’m happy with for my first “creation”. It’s a two minute piece called Folk Fire that is composed of just a few audio loops and basically works off of layering parts.

3 responses to “My First GarageBand Creation: Folk Fire”

  1. Thanks, Jon! ^_^ Unfortunately, I’m not adept at the violin yet, but Sarah is working hard at her GarageBand creation and I’m sure she’ll add in a few electric violin tracks of her own.