Month: October 2004

  • Favored Freeware: is a self contained appication bundle of the GNU Image Manipulation Program [a powerful image editing application and rival of Adobe Photoshop] for Mac OS X. It requires Apple’s X11. is droppable, uses the gimp-print package built into OS X, and uses the system’s default web browser for help and web browsing requests. […]

  • It's Generally Good to Know These Things

    Thanks to Mark Jaquith, and his JavaScript abilities, we now have a small window which will pop up and notify you if your comment has been caught by the SPAM filter. This window lists the two possible reasons for why the filter has intercepted your comment and politely asks you to wait for an administrator […]

  • The Eternal Question: DivX or 3ivx?

    This is the eternal question, and for some reason it has been bothering me for a few weeks. Since both seem to be equally featured, I’d love to see what the pros and main-stream users have to say. Which is better, DivX or 3ivx? You decide.

  • Until iPods Fly

    Not too long again (IMO), Apple made a plethora of almost unexpected announcements. We have the new iPod Photo, the Special Edition U2 iPod, the availability of the iTunes Music Store in several additional European countries, and (of course) updates to both QuickTime and iTunes. Enjoy!

  • Films By Sandy Collora

    Let me just start by saying that Sandy Collora is a genius and it’s a pity that no major studios have hired him as a director yet. Since we’re all probably eagerly awaiting the release of a new Batman film, which will hopefully be better than the last two, I thought you would enjoy two […]